Halo Infinite Free-to-Play Multiplayer Beta Available on PC and Xbox Now, Here’s How to Download

The Multiplayer is free-to-play on PC and Console.


Xbox celebrated their 20th Anniversary last night with a special livestream, which also surprised fans with the release of Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta, now available for download. The Multiplayer for the game will be free-to-play on launch, as is the beta right now, and players can download it on their Xbox or PC right now and jump right into Season 1, “Heroes of Reach”.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer contains a couple of great game modes, Arena and Big Team Battle, both of which were received quite well during the Tech Previews of the game. Halo Infinite Multiplayer being free-to-play on both PC and Xbox opens the game up to a whole new audience, which can only mean positive things in the future for the game.

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta, here’s how you can download

Halo Infinite

To download the free-to-play beta, players can either get it through the Xbox Game Pass, or by simply downloading it from the Xbox store, here’s how:

  1. Head to the Xbox Store page for Halo Infinite (link here)
  2. Select “Get Free” or “Get Game Pass”
  3. Sign In with Microsoft Account or Create a New Account
  4. Head to My Games and Apps or My Library on PC/Xbox to Begin Download.

Alternatively, players can also download Halo Infinite Multiplayer through the Microsoft Store, here’s how:

  1. Open Microsoft Store on Windows
  2. Head to Xbox Infinite Page
  3. Select “Get Free”
  4. Sign in with Microsoft Account or Create a New Account

The beta is also available on Steam, and players can download it through the game’s page (link here). Since the beta as well as the Multiplayer is free-to-play, players will not need to make any purchase to download the game. Players will be able to carry over their progress and rewards from the beta to the Multiplayer on launch day.