Google Drive on Web Finally Gets Dark Mode

  • Dark mode is now available for all users.
  • Google Drive’s Android app already has the Dark mode.

Google has finally rolled out the dark mode for Drive on the web, which has been a highly requested feature. Dark mode has been available on the official Android and iOS apps of Drive for a long time but it was still missing on the web version. The addition of a dark theme will help reduce strain on the eyes of users of Google Drive on the web.

Dark Mode on Google Drive Web

Google has officially announced the release of the dark mode on Drive. Users can change the theme by going to Drive > Settings > Appearance > Dark Mode. Users visiting the web portal for the first time after this release will also be prompted to shift to dark mode on their welcome screen. Users can also set the selection of theme based on the device defaults.

dark mode setting on google drive
Dark mode settings on Google Drive

While the dark mode on Google Drive’s web version is a welcome move, it lacks customization options compared to themes present in Gmail. The dark mode on Drive is also a pale shade of dark grey, instead of pitch black. Hence, this new appearance setting could look weird on OLED laptops and there’s no official method currently to switch to deep black.

The good thing about the dark theme is that Google has made it available to all users, including workspace and personal accounts. The feature is being rolled out in phases. If you don’t see the option to switch to dark mode immediately, you can expect it to arrive over the next 1-2 weeks.

Apart from the dark mode, not much has changed on Drive. However, the mobile app is expected to get a new categorization system with upcoming updates. This could also include a new and revamped search bar giving more control to users for effectively searching files on Google Drive.