Porsche India’s Official Instagram Account Now Shows Cat Pictures As Account Gets Hacked

Hacker has posted nine photos of cats with the Instagram logo on Porsche India Instagram Account.


On February 10, 2021, it has been reported that the official Instagram of Porsche India is hacked and the hacker has managed to take control over the profile. According to the reports, the hacker has posted nine photos of cats with the Instagram logo. The company is yet to make any comments on the news.

Porsche India’s Official Instagram Hacked

We have witnessed users commenting on the photo post warning others that the account has been hacked and the company is not posting cat pictures. There is still no information shared by the company whether they have managed to retrieve the account or not. However, at the time of writing this article, we can still see the cat posts on the Porsche India Instagram handle.

Folks from Financial Express has contacted Porsche India and the company has confirmed that the Instagram India handle has been hacked. The company is working with the social media platform to retrieve the account as soon as possible. It seems that the first thing Porsche will do is to remove the Cat posts from the account.

Porsche India has been working hard and treating the Indian market very seriously. The company knows that India is a very big market and there are potential buyers across the nation. Porsche has recently inaugurated India’s first Design Centre where customers can customize their Porsche of their own as per their requirement.

The Porsche Design Centre comes to have a big touch screen panel where users can customize their Porsche and add minor or major details to it. You can change the colour, revamp the interior of your car, add aftermarket accessories, and a lot more.

The technology is growing fast which is a good point but the downside is also growing large with it. Numerous hackers sitting on the internet and finding loopholes to break into someone’s personal space and utilize that information for illegal activities. Hacking someone’s Instagram might be a big or a small deed depending on the popularity. The real concern is everything is on the internet and how we are protecting our data from the malicious hackers.