Apple Seems Serious About Its Foldable MacBook

  • Apple is working on its biggest laptop with a foldable display.
  • The foldable Macbook is said to arrive in 2027.

Apple has been rumoured to introduce foldable products for a while and in a recent report, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple is actively working on a foldable 20.3-inch MacBook, aiming for a 2027 launch. Here’s what we know about it.

A Foldable MacBook Is in the Works

It is revealed that the foldable MacBook will enter mass production in 2027, meaning the sale could begin in the same year. Although details about the upcoming foldable Macbook remain unclear, Kuo’s announcement indicates that this new Macbook is Apple’s only foldable device with a defined development schedule, setting it apart from the experimental plans for a foldable iPhone or iPad.

This is not our first time hearing about a 20-inch foldable Macbook. Earlier this year, display analyst Ross Young and the Korean website The Elec also suggested that Apple is exploring the idea of a foldable Macbook.

Despite some previous reports of Apple’s foldable prototypes failing quality tests, Kuo’s latest forecast indicates that the company is committed to bringing a foldable Macbook to the market.

If the suggested reports turn out to be true, then it will become the biggest Macbook. Apple’s largest laptop on the market right now is the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The Cupertino Giant had previously produced a 17-inch MacBook Pro, but it was discontinued in 2012.

What About Foldable iPhones?

According to a report from earlier this year, Apple has been working on foldable iPhones since 2018. They reportedly have two different prototypes in development: one that resembles a traditional phone and another that unfolds similarly to an iPad. However, a new report suggests that these prototypes haven’t met Apple’s quality standards, and the projects have been put on hold for now.

We are still not sure about Apple’s foldable device plans and would need something concrete. While this may take a while, we will keep you updated with whatever little details/rumours we get. So, stay tuned.