Intel Lunar Lake Processors Unveiled; To Debut Soon

  • The Intel Lunar Lake processors will arrive as a successor to Meteor Lake processors.
  • Intel says the Lunar Lake processors offer 1.4x better performance than Snapdragon X Elite series processors.

Intel has announced the new Lunar Lake CPUs, which will debut in Q3, 2024. With the Lunar Lake CPUs, the company will compete with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite range of processors. Intel claims the Lunar Lake processors can provide 1.4 times faster performance compared to the Snapdragon X Elite series processor. Here are the details.

Intel Lunar Lake CPUs Announced

With the Lunar Lake processors, Intel will provide all the necessary capabilities for Copilot+ experiences. The Lunar Lake processors will get the Copilot+ experiences like Recall via an update when available.

The Intel Lunar Lake processors are based on x86 architecture and feature an integrated Xe2 GPU and an NPU (neural processing unit). As per the company, the Xe2 GPU offers 1.5x better performance compared to the Xe-LPG found on the Meteor Lake processors.

The Intel Lunar Lake’s NPU can perform 40 TOPS (tera operations per second), which is 4x that of Meteor Lake’s NPU (capable of handling 10 TOPS). With this, intel claims three times better AI performance for the Lunar Lake processors compared to their predecessors.

Intel has also talked about the new processor’s power efficiency and said that the Lunar Lake CPUs need the lowest power consumption almost x86-based processors.

It is also revealed that the Lunar Lake will power more than 80 new laptop designs across more than 20 manufacturers. With the launch of Lunar Lake processors, Intel aims to ship more than 40 million AI PC processors this year.