iPhone 15 Series to Go On Sale in India the Same Day After Global Launch

Apple will launch the iPhone 15 series globally on September 12. Indian buyers may not have to wait longer to get their hands on locally made iPhones.

  • India-made iPhone 15 will first cater to the Indian market.
  • Made in India iPhone 15 export to the US and Europe is expected to begin after December.
  • iPhone 15 local production has begun at Foxconn’s facility in Tamil Nadu.

Apple has making iPhones locally in India for the last few years. It started off by assembling older iPhone models and eventually moved to the latest-generation models. However, there has always been a gap of a few months between iPhone shipments coming from China and India. The company is working towards reducing this gap as much as possible. It is the reason Indian buyers may be able to purchase the Made in India iPhone 15 on the same day as the global launch this year.

Made in India iPhone 15 Launch Details

A fresh report from the Economic Times has claimed there is a good possibility India-made iPhone 15 could get a release alongside its global counterparts. It would be the first time it would happen if things go as per plans. This is because there has usually been a difference of at least a few weeks between the shipments.

Apple is said to be producing iPhone 15 models locally at Foxconn’s facility in Chennai. The report adds Made in India iPhone 15 will be first made available to Indian consumers. Their export to the United States and Europe is expected to begin after December. The goal is to bring the China and India-made units release as close as possible.

We first heard about Apple’s plans for an early Made in India iPhone 15 launch last month. The Cupertino-based tech giant has been looking to reduce its dependency on Chinese manufacturers for a long time. It wants to diversify iPhone shipments so that it does not find itself in a corner if anything goes wrong with China.

Apple has confirmed its next product launch event Wonderlust for September 12. It is when we will get to know about the iPhone 15 series availability alongside other products like the new Apple Watch. A few iPhone models have already been spotted on the BIS Indian certification website.

The iPhone 15 series is widely rumoured to come with a number of significant upgrades. The biggest one would be the introduction of the USB Type-C port which has been a heavily requested feature. Some reports suggest Apple may limit bundled USB-C cables to USB 2.0 speeds and Thunderbolt cables may be sold separately.

The most expensive iPhone 15 variant i.e. iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to get delayed by up to four weeks. It is because Sony is finding it hard to provide enough camera sensors in time for a timely release. Some reports also mention Apple could release the iPhone 15 Pro Max as the iPhone 15 Ultra. It will have a titanium body instead of the usually seen stainless steel.