Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg Tests Apple Vision Pro; Considers Quest 3 A Better Option

Zuckerberg says Quest 3 is not just better value, but a "better product. Period."

  • Zuckerberg tried the Apple Vision Pro and considers the Quest 3 a better option.
  • Zuckerberg highlights various aspects where Quest 3 is a better proposition than the Vision Pro.
  • Meta CEO said he is hoping to win the battle against Apple in the next generation of computing.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shared a video on his Instagram account talking about the new Apple Vision Pro. He compared the newest AR/VR headset in the town with the Meta Quest 3. In an opinion that should not surprise anybody, he found the Quest 3 to be the “best product. Period.”

The short video review was shot using the Quest 3’s mixed reality passthrough system. Zuckerberg begins his Vision Pro review by saying that he expected Quest 3 to be a best-value product considering Apple’s steep pricing. However, he discovered that Quest 3 is simply the “best at the vast majority of things that the people use mixed reality for.”

The biggest difference between the Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro is undoubtedly the price. The former is approximately seven times less expensive than what Apple is asking for. Zuckerberg added the Quest 3 is lighter as it weighs 120 grams less, which makes it more comfortable to wear. He said it can do high-resolution mixed reality passthrough featuring big screens just like the Apple headset.

He says the Quest 3 has a brighter screen with a wider field of view. There are no wires that get in the way when you move around. It is crisper as compared to the Vision Pro, which has motion bluer when the user moves around. Users get precision controllers with relatively more accurate hand-tracking for navigation and interaction with the virtual world.

The immersive content library is better and deeper than Apple’s. He added if users want to watch YouTube and play Xbox games, the Quest 3 is the only headset that can do it for now. Although, YouTube has confirmed it will bring an official app for Vision Pro in the future.

We also put the Meta Quest 3 against the Apple Vision Pro and found that the former does have an edge. Although, this doesn’t involve any hands-on experience!

Zuckerburg did praise the Vision Pro for its high-resolution display but at the same time, he was surprised that Apple sacrificed things like comfort and ergonomics to achieve that. He wrapped up the video by saying he is hoping to win the next-generation computing battle against Apple, just like Microsoft did in the PC era. We are definitely looking forward to seeing what these two tech majors have in store for us.