Meta Testing 20 New Generative AI Experiences Across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp

Meta is also working on adding invisible watermarking to AI-generated images for transparency.

  • Reimagine on Instagram and Messenger will let group chat members create different versions of the same image on the fly.
  • Meta AI can now pull up Reels relevant to the prompt shared by you.
  • Meta AI Imagine is now available as a stand-alone image generator.

2023 has been the year of generative AI. Every major tech company is working on some form of generative AI model and experiences to become the leader. The story is no different for Meta as it has been busy integrating generative AI experiences within its social media apps and devices. The company has now announced it is testing over 20 generative AI experiences across WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

Meta AI Experiences: What’s New

In an official blog post, Meta has detailed what kind of generative AI experiences users can expect to see in their favourite apps. It is important to note that these experiences are currently restricted to the United States but should expand to other regions around the globe gradually.

Meta already has an AI-powered image generator called Imagine. It lets users create images using text prompts similar to how DALL-E and Midjourney work. It was previously limited to use within Meta apps but has now been released as a stand-alone image generator. It is currently free to use and can generate four images per prompt.

The company has also released an evolved version of the tool called Reimagine for Instagram and Messenger users. It can be used in a group chat where one member can begin by generating an image with a prompt. Other members can then press and hold on the same image to add their prompts and get a new version of the same image. This can be done back and forth to have fun while conversing with each other.

There is no doubt Reels has played a huge role in Instagram’s ability to keep users hooked on the platform. This is the reason Meta AI is getting Reels integration as well. Users can get Reels relevant to their prompts to get better inspiration and ideas like while planning a trip. You can now see Reels about those places instead of just reading what the AI has to offer.

For Facebook users, Meta AI can now be used for creating birthday greeting posts, editing Feed posts, Facebook Dating profile introductions, and setting up new groups. AI can also be used for converting images from landscape mode to portrait while sharing them on Stories.

While generative AI experiences are fun to use and can be helpful, they can also be equally dangerous when misused. There have been instances where AI-generated images have been used to spread misinformation. It is the reason Meta is working on adding invisible watermarking to AI-generated images in the future. This watermark will be applied using a deep-learning model. It will be imperceptible to the human eye but can be detected by a corresponding model.