Apple Exploring Foldable iPads, But Display Remains Key Obstacle

  • A foldable iPad is in the works, but there are challenges.
  • Unlike rival Samsung, Apple has yet to launch a foldable device in any category.

Apple is working on foldable iPads, and while that might sound like exciting news, it looks like the company doesn’t have a specific timeline in mind. The latest report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman states Apple engineers are exploring the idea of a foldable display. Let’s take a closer look at what is being reported.

Apple’s Foldable iPad: Display is Key

According to the Bloomberg journalist, Apple engineers are exploring the foldable iPad, but the company has yet to figure out a way to create a completely crease-free foldable display. Gurman adds that Apple wants to solve this issue of foldable screens where the crease remains visible.

Keep in mind that even a player like Samsung — widely considered the leader in foldable devices– has been unable to create a screen with no visible creases. While the visibility of the crease has decreased over the years on Samsung devices, it has not been able to eliminate this entirely.

Gurman also notes that Apple is known for its “all-or-nothing” ideology, where the tech giant aims for the highest standards and will not release a product until it meets those standards. The Bloomberg report also suggests that if Apple can’t solve this issue, it could ditch the foldable iPad altogether.

Is a Crease-Free Foldable Display Possible?

Currently, almost all smartphone makers on the Android side are racing to achieve crease-free, foldable displays. However, most players, like Samsung and Google, have failed to achieve this completely. The one device that managed to achieve an almost crease-free panel was the OnePlus Open, and it was praised by reviewers and users alike.

There’s a strong possibility that companies will have the technology to deliver a completely crease-free foldable display experience within a year or two. But will it be Apple, Samsung, or someone else? Only time will tell.