Most Powerful Avenger: Who is the Strongest Avenger in the MCU?

From the intelligence of Ironman to the cosmic power of Captain Marvel, here are the ten most powerful members of the MCU Avengers.


Originally a small group, the Avengers have grown to include a  variety of heroes of different power levels. Some of these powerful Avengers have been in the group since it was formed, and others are more recent entrants, but both have been important in defeating some of the group’s most deadly enemies. A combination of brawn and brains and actual battlefield experience dictates power in the MCU. From the intelligence of Ironman to the cosmic power of Captain Marvel, here are the ten most powerful members of the MCU Avengers. 

10 Most Powerful Avengers of the Marvel Universe


Don’t mistake Groot for being just a tree. He’s quite a powerful tree, as is evident throughout his appearances in the MCU. Groot has the ability to grow his limbs and break them off, and this allows him to create defensive shields and highly effective weapons. Because of Groot, Stormbreaker exists, and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy are still alive. We still haven’t comprehended the truest extent of Groot’s power. That could push him up the list. 

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Ant-Man may objectively be a superhero, but the quantum technology that his suit relies on allows the Avengers to time travel. Ant-Man can enter the quantum realm thanks to the extra strength he gets from becoming tiny, which makes him a very powerful Avenger. He’s also capable of becoming a giant. Giant Man might have some flaws, but if you were creating a superhero army, you’d want Ant-Man on your side. 

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Black Panther 

A lot like Captain America but with superior technology, a badass royal family, and a nation that is the most technologically advanced in the MCU universe. T Challa is a powerful warrior with great speed and strength who becomes even stronger thanks to the help of his sister Shuri. His suit can absorb energy from the blows he gets attacked with before rebounding them on his opponents. With that ability and the fact that his suit is impregnable, Black Panther is a tougher adversary than what is apparent. 


If Vision had harnessed all his power, he might have been even more powerful. Vision has an Infinity Stone on his forehead and has access to all of the human knowledge, yet he still manages to get himself damaged by the henchmen of Thanos. In other instances, Vision’s powers have been important. Vision was the one who ultimately defeated Ultron, and he is one of the few characters in the MCU who can wield Thor’s hammer. Don’t mistake Vision for a weakling. He’s a strong member of the MCU.


You can’t kill the Hulk, who also has incredible strength. When Bruce Banner can’t control him, he is also really smart. This combination makes the Hulk an indispensable part of the Avengers, even if all he does in most early movies is fly off the handle and do as much harm as he does well. Hulk might not be strong enough to take down Thanos, but against other opponents, the Hulk is more than enough to emerge victorious. 


Tony Stark did manage to figure out time travel, which is a bonus for him. One of the most brilliant minds on the planet, Iron Man has access to technology that allows him to take on much stronger opponents. He certainly doesn’t manage to beat Thanos, but he comes really close for a guy in a fancy suit of armour. Iron Man is your regular super-intelligent guy who regularly takes down intergalactic threats. His massive intellect often gives him an edge over opponents. 

Dr Strange 

Despite losing the time stone, Doctor Strange is quite powerful. His aptitude as a sorcerer makes him a difficult opponent, so he takes on villains that are often stronger than the ones others face. Thanos may be the biggest baddie he’s gone up against, and despite not managing to beat Thanos, Dr. Strange got pretty close, even after Thanos was armed with 4 out of the 6 Infinity Stones.

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Endowed with the powers and longevity of a god, Thor was without dispute the most powerful member of the initial version of the Avengers. He can fly and transport between worlds and was the only one who might be able to take down Thanos, even after the latter collected all 6 Infinity Stones. Thor’s power keeps on going, and while he needs a weapon to work, that isn’t always the case. Thor is a formidable force, whether armed or unarmed, and his arrival is all you need to turn the tide of any battle. 

Captain Marvel 

It is difficult to ignore Captain Marvel because of her immense power, despite her having few appearances in the MCU. Some of the other Avengers might have taken time to realize their powers, but Carol Danvers could bring her powers to full bloom in her first movie, and since then, she has spent most of her time off-world assisting other planets. She shows up for the major battles and changes the game. She might be one of the few who can beat Thanos. Her appearance in Endgame turns that fight’s tide. 

Scarlet Witch 

By the time Multiverse of Madness ends, Wanda has become so powerful that she’s the only one who can destroy herself. Her powers only grew and grew during her tenure in the MCU. She can take over and brainwash an entire town or fight an entire army of sorcerers without any problem. Even before she turned bad, she was one of the only heroes who could match Thanos’ power. Thanos had to call in a distraction to save himself from Scarlet Witch. 

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That rounds off the most powerful Avengers. So which one is your favourite? Is it the Incredible Hulk, the smooth, suave, and deadly Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, or are you rooting for Thanos? Tell us in the comments.