PhonePe Transaction Limit Per Day: What is the Maximum Money Transfer or Transaction Amount Limit Per Day on PhonePe

How many transactions you can do on PhonePe app and of what amount? Here're your answers.


Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is one of the best payment methods in India. Various apps such as Google Pay, Paytm, Amazon Pay, and many more allow users to pay the merchant via the UPI method in India. One of them is PhonePe. The platform is one of the most used UPI apps in India and currently holds almost half of the transaction counts in the country. While the app is useful, it has certain limitations on how much amount a user can send. In this article, we will tell you about the PhonePe transaction limit per day per month. And, how much amount you can transfer to the receiver. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

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Phonepe Transaction Limit Per Day

Here are all the payment limits imposed by PhonePe on UPI transactions.

  • A user can transfer a maximum amount of Rs 1,00,000 per day per bank account. 
  • Rs 1,00,000 is the daily limit for UPI transactions on the PhonePe app. Once crossed, the UPI transactions will fail.
  • A maximum of 10 or 20 transactions are allowed per day, depending on the account.

Phonepe Transaction Limit Per Day For Different Banks

Here’s a detailed table of the limits imposed by each bank for PhonePe transactions.

Name of Bank Phonepe Per day transaction limit (in Rs)
A P Mahesh 100,000
Aditya Birla Bank 100000
Airtel Payments 1,00,000
Allahabad Bank 1,00,000 
Allahabad UP Gramin 100,000
Andhra Bank 1,00,000
Andhra Pradesh Grameen Vikas  25000
Andhra Pragathi 25000
Apna Sahakari 100000
Assam Grameen 25000
Axis 1,00,000
Bandhan  100000
Bank of Baroda 50,000
Bank of Maharashtra 20000
Baroda Gujarat Gramin NA
Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin  100,000
Bassein 40000
Bihar Gramin 200,000
BOI  100,000
Canara Bank 100,000
Catholic Syrian Bank  1,00,000 
Central Bank of India 50000
Chaitanya Godavari Gramin Bank 100,000
Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank 25000
Citibank  1,00,000 
Corporation Bank 1,00,000
Cosmos 50000
City Union Bank 1,00,000
DBS Bank 1,00,000
DCB BANK 25,000
Dena BanK  100,000
Deutsche Bank AG NA
Dhanlaxmi Bank 1,00,000
Dombivli Nagri Sahakari Bank 100,000
Equitas Small Finance Bank Payments Bank  1,00,000
Fino NA
  Federal bank 1,00,000 
G P Parsik Bank 100000
Gujarat State Bank 50000
Hasti 100000
HDFC Bank 1,00,000
HSBC Bank 100000
Indian Bank 1,00,000 
ICICI Bank 10,000
IDBI  50,000
IDFC  100,000
Indiusind Bank 100000
IndusInd Bank 100000
IOB 100,000
Janta Sahakari Bank NA
Kallapanna 100000
Karnataka Bank  100,000
Karnataka Vikas 25000
Karur Vysya Bank 1,00,000 
Kaveri 25000
Kerala Grameen Bank 50000
Kotak bank 50,000
  LVB 100,000
Langpi Dehangi 25000
Mahanagar Bank 100,000
Maharashtra Grameen Bank 25000
Malwa Gramin Bank 25000
Meghalaya Rural Bank 25000
Mehasana Urban  co-operative Bank 1,00,000
Mizoram 25000
NKGSB Co-Op Bank Ltd  40,000
OBC 1,00,000
PNB 100,000
Punjab and Maharashtra Co- Op Bank Ltd 1,00,000
Paytm Payments Bank NA
Pragathi Krishna Grameen Bank 20000
Prathma Bank 25000
PSB 25,000
Purvanchal Bank 25000
Rajasthan Marudhar 25000
Rajkot nagrik Bank 100000
RBL 100000
Samruddhi Co Op Bank 50000
Saraswat Co-op Bank   50,000
Saurashtra Gramin Bank 25000
SBI / State Bank of India 100,000
South Indian Bank 1,00,000 
Standard Charter Bank NA
Standard Chartered Bank 100000
Surat People Cooperative Bank 100,000
SVC Bank 20,000
Syndicate bank 50,000
Thane Bharat Sahakari Bank 100000
Thane Janta sahakari Bank 100000
The Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd 25,000
The Kalyan janta sahakari Bank 100000
The Sutex Co – Op Bank 200000
TMBL 100000
UCO 1,00,000
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank 100,000
Union Bank of India 100,000
United Bank of India  25,000
Uttarakhand Gramin Bank 25000
Vananchal 25000
Varanchha Bank 40,000
Vijaya bank 50,000
Vishveshwar Co opp Bank 1,00,000
Yes bank 1,00,000


PhonePe Transaction Limit For Businesses

A business has to receive or send a huge amount multiple times; hence, PhonePe doesn’t levy any limit on them to do as many transactions as they want. Do note that this benefit is only for the users who hold a PhonePe business account and have a valid shop registered within the company.

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PhonePe Money Transfer Limit for Wallet

PhonePe wallet is the company’s own payment option in which users can keep their money. This cannot be transferred to any bank account but to another wallet only. PhonePe has kept a monthly and annual limit on its wallet to avoid any risk. The company has allowed users to load a maximum balance of Rs 10,000 monthly and Rs 1,20,000 annually in the wallet. Besides that, the company will not allow users to load more than Rs 10,000 in the wallet at any time. However, this rule will exempt users who will receive a refund or cancellation amount in their wallets. 


How many transactions can I do in PhonePe in one month?

A user can do a maximum of 20 transactions per day from its PhonePe account. This means that a maximum of 600 transactions should be allowed in a month.

Can I increase my PhonePe limit?

Unfortunately, you cannot increase your PhonePe limit, but you can link another bank account to your PhonePe UPI and transact more.

What is the minimum amount that can be sent through PhonePe?

Re 1 is the minimum amount that can be sent through PhonePe via UPI or wallet.

Does PhonePe charge for transactions?

PhonePe has revealed that all the UPI money transfer done from its application is free of cost. These include UPI transfers, offline and online payments (across UPI, credit and debit cards, and wallets). Users can transfer money for free using the PhonePe application.