Twitter Blue Subscription Requires Phone Number Verification and It’s a Step in the Right Direction

Twitter has also started testing Blue for Business subscription.


Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, a lot has been happening in Twitter. The micro-blogging company made a lot of changes to its paid Blue subscription service in the past few weeks. Now, Twitter has re-introduced the premium subscription for those who want to subscribe to a Blue tier. The micro-blogging app now requires users to verify their phone number in case they want to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

This is a welcome step since we have seen several bots and imposters that acquired Twitter Blue and took advantage of their verified accounts. To those unaware, several impersonators abused Twitter verification as Musk made verified accounts a part of Twitter Blue and anyone with a Twitter Blue subscription could get a verification badge. Last month, an American pharmaceutical company – Eli Lilly and Co lost billions of dollars as a tweet from a fake verified account was posted.

Linking phone numbers with the Twitter account should reduce such scams. Also, Twitter has made some more changes that should help businesses. Let us take a look at the other changes that have been incorporated recently.

Twitter introduces Gold Ticks for businesses

Twitter has relaunched its Twitter Blue subscription and is keeping the blue verification badge exclusive to its Blue subscribers. Alongside Twitter Blue, the social media giant has also introduced a new subscription tier – Blue for Business. As the name suggests, the Blue for Business subscription is aimed at businesses and will help businesses obtain a verification badge.

As part of the Blue for Business subscription, businesses will be allocated a Gold verification badge alongside their profile. These badges of different colours should also help businesses be safe from imposters and scammers since an individual can not acquire a Gold badge. To those unaware, last month, an American pharmaceutical company – Eli Lilly and Co lost billions of dollars as a tweet from a fake verified account was posted.

Twitter says that it is currently testing the Blue for Business and will be kept exclusive to corporate entities. The micro-blogging site has not revealed the pricing for the Blue for Business subscription.

Twitter to Increase Tweet Character Limit to 4,000

Twitter, back in November 2017, announced that it will support up to 280 characters for a Tweet. To those unaware, until November 2017 since its inception, Twitter allowed users to include only 140 characters in a Tweet. However, with Musk taking over Twitter, the tweet character limit is also going to change.

Elon Musk, in a conversation on Twitter, said that the company will increase the tweet character limit to 4000 words, this means you might soon be able to write essays on Twitter without making it a thread.

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