Vampire Esports Crowned Champions of PMWI 2022 Main Event: Team Soul Ranks 11th

Vampire Esports are the Champions of PMWI 2022 Main Event. Team Soul secured 11th rank in PMWI.

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The three-day-long PMWI 2022 Main Tournament came to an end on Saturday with Thai team Vampire Esports emerging as the champions of the event. Thailand’s representative team garnered a total of 220 points in 18 matches while securing 3 chicken dinners and 112 finishes. The team took home a prize reward of $500K along with the championship trophy.

Falcons Esports from the hosting country in which the event is organized, ended up second on the overall standings with 197 points, while Stalwart Esports secured the third spot with 180 points. Nigma Galaxy with zero number of chicken dinners managed to clinch the fourth spot with 159 points whereas

Team Damwon Gaming claimed the fifth rank with 154 points. RSG from China managed to end up in sixth place. Team Soul with 1 chicken dinner had taken the 11th rank on the overall charts with 102 points and 64 eliminations. Action from Stalwart Esports received the MVP title for his 37 kills in PMWI Main Event 2022.

PMWI 2022 Main Event Overall Standings

pmwi main event
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The first match on Day 3 was won by Virtual Gaming Squad with 5 finishes and they defeated Damwon Gaming in the final fight to claim their win.

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It was Team Back2Back who secured the win in the second match of the day with a good total of 13 kills. Vampire Esports gained momentum in this match and have become the runner-up in this match.

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Vampire Esports marked their second win in the Main tournament by claiming the win in the third match of the day with 10 eliminations. This match made them clinch the second position in the overall standings.

The fourth match again witnessed the Vampires ringing the winning bells with a total of 13 frags. It was Team Falcons who finished in the second position with 7 finishes.

Team Falcons proved themselves worthy in the fifth match of the day by claiming the chicken dinner with 12 eliminations. Following this match, the Falcons were only two points away from the first-ranked team Vampire Esports.

Team Soul had put an end to this global tournament by marking their first win on this stage with 12 kills. Vampire Esports came in third place in this match which gave them the lead to maintain their pole position.

PMWI After Party Showdown Qualified Teams

The top five teams from the Main Event have advanced to the forthcoming Afterparty Showdown, which will begin on August 18. Following are the teams that have made it to the second week of PMWI 2022:

  • Vampire Esports
  • Falcons Esports
  • Stalwart Esports
  • Nigma Galaxy
  • Damwon Gaming

Prize pool Distribution

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A prize pool of $2 million is distributed among the teams and players as follows:

  1. Vampire Esports (Thailand) – $500,000
  2. Team Falcons (Saudi Arabia) – $300,000
  3. Stalwart Esports (Mongolia) – $160,000
  4. Nigma Galaxy (Middle East) – $100,000
  5. DAMWON Gaming (Korea) – $75,000
  6. Regans Gaming (China) – $55,000
  7. Istanbul Wildcats (Turkey) – 48,000
  8. Morph Team (Indonesia) – $44,000
  9. Keyd Stars (Brazil) – $40,000
  10. Back2Back (USA)- $37,000
  11. Team Soul (India) – $33,000
  12. Box Gaming (Vietnam) – $30,000
  13. 4Rivals (Malaysia) – $27,000
  14. Donuts USG (Japan) – $25,000
  15. Virtual Gaming Squad (Libya) – $22,000
  16. TJB Esports EU (Europe) – $20,000
  17. Aton Esports (Latin America) – $17,000
  18. 52 Esports (Pakistan) – $15,000

Each team that has partaken in the PMWI Main Tournament have received a participation fee of $25000. In addition, cash prizes were given to players who performed exceptionally well.

Player Awards:

  1. MVP ($10,000): Action (Stalwart Esports)
  2. Gunslinger ($5,000): Stoned (Vampire Esports)
  3. Grenade Master ($5,000): SchwepXz (Vampire Esports)
  4. Eagle Eye ($5,000): Hector (Team SouL)
  5. Medic ($5,000): GZ (Regans Gaming)

PMWI 2022 After Party Showdown will begin on 18 August in which the Indian team 7Sea Esports will compete alongside the above 5 qualified teams and 6 regional teams. The prize pool of the event is $1 million and the event can be watched Live on the official YT channels of PUBG Mobile Esports.

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