WhatsApp New Feature Will Now Let You Create Groups Without Names

Finally, you do not need to come up with a WhatsApp group name right away.

  • Unnamed WhatsApp groups can only be created for up to six members.
  • WhatsApp will automatically assign a name to the group based on the name of the members.
  • The process of creating an unnamed WhatsApp group is the same as creating a group with a name.

WhatsApp groups are an integral part of using the popular instant messaging application. They allow people with any type of common connection to stay in touch and share timely updates without texting everyone individually. However, it can be not easy to come up with a good and appropriate WhatsApp group name immediately. This is why you may find yourself being part of groups with really odd names. The good thing is WhatsApp is finally changing this.

How to Create a WhatsApp Group Without a Name?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, shared a post on his Facebook account confirming WhatsApp groups can now be created without adding names. Instead, the app will auto-assign a name to the group based on the names of the members. A shared image from Zuckerburg showed a notification from a group named “Rocco & Li-Chen,” with members being Rocco and Li-Chen.

The process of creating a nameless WhatsApp group is the same as creating a group with a name. The only difference is you will now see “optional” written in the text field for entering the group name. Another thing to note is that a WhatsApp group with no name can only have up to six members. If you want to add more members, you will need to give it a name.

All other features of a WhatsApp group with no name remain unchanged. It will be up to you whether to name it eventually or keep using the member-based name assigned by the app. The new change has begun to roll out on Android and iOS devices, but it may take some time to appear on your particular device.

This is the newest WhatsApp feature among many that were released in the recent past. The company recently added a feature that allows users to share HD photos with contacts. It was a much-needed release, as the app is notoriously famous for compressing images before they get shared. The change will allow people to share photos in their original quality without having to rely on workarounds like sharing them as document files.

The team is working on a new feature that will let WhatsApp users schedule group audio and video calls. A user will see a new Schedule option after tapping the audio/video call option in a group. This will let them choose the call subject, time, and date. All members will receive a prompt once the call has been scheduled, and if they agree to join, the app will remind them 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.