WhatsApp Tests Feature to Prevent People From Taking Screenshots of Profile Pictures

  • WhatsApp has started testing a new feature to ensure privacy for profile photos.
  • The move comes after WhatsApp stopped users from saving profile photos.

WhatsApp is testing a new feature to improve the privacy of the profile pictures of its users. The new feature will limit users from taking screenshots of the profile pictures of others. Here’s a look at what this is about.

WhatsApp Blocks Taking Screenshots of Profile Pictures

WhatsApp is rolling out a beta update with the version number for Android users. The change comes after WhatsApp recently prevented users from taking screenshots of images shared as view-once.

People who attempt to take screenshots will be greeted with the “can’t take a screenshot due to app restrictions” message. To recall, WhatsApp stopped allowing users to save images of profile photos five years ago.

The feature is limited to a certain number of beta users and is expected to be available to other users in the upcoming weeks.

The ability to restrict people from taking screenshots of others’ profile pictures will further enhance the user privacy of other users when people can save the photos without their consent. This can prevent the circulation of others’ pictures, which is pretty easy to do as of now. Although, this doesn’t change the fact that the images can still be saved by taking pictures on a secondary smartphone. So, it would be best to enable the various privacy settings WhatsApp offers and show your profile pictures to only trusted contacts.

In related news, Meta recently collaborated with the Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) to set up a dedicated central deepfake analysis unit to conduct fact-checking on AI-generated misinformation and viral trends on social media. The unit will analyse all the misinformation that was reported by the users. WhatsApp will start highlighting messages that are fake or misleading.