WhatsApp Voice Messages Can Now be Checked Before Sending: Here’s How to Do It

With the new feature, users will be able to record a voice message on WhatsApp and listen to it before it's sent.


Messaging giant WhatsApp is going to allow users to preview voice messages before sending them. The company said it is adding a new preview feature on the platform, which will add a level of security to voice messages on WhatsApp. The new feature is part of a host of feature additions that WhatsApp has been making recently, including adding the rupee symbol to the platform in order to make UPI payments using the ‘payments on WhatsApp’ platform. The feature started rolling out to users this week, and should be coming to everyone soon enough.

How to preview voice messages on WhatsApp before sending them

Previews for voice messages will work on both group chats and individual text messages on WhatsApp. Here’s how to use them.

  • Open a chat window
  • Locate the microphone button next to the text-box where you type a chat.
  • Usually you would touch and hold the microphone button in order to record a chat. To preview them, you have to touch and hold the button, and then pull it upwards.
  • This locks the app into recording mode, and you can record the message you want. Unlike regular voice messages, WhatsApp will not send the message once you’re done. Instead, it will show a play button that will allow you to hear your own message before sending it.
  • It also shows a small ‘trash’ icon on the bottom left of the screen to delete and re-record the message.

The preview voice message option is available on both Android and iOS platforms at the moment, but can’t be used on the WhatsApp for Desktop app right now. Users can still record regular voice messages on the desktop app though, and it’s possible that WhatsApp will add the feature to its Windows and Mac apps soon enough.

The voice message option was rolled out a day before Meta’s (formerly Facebook’s) annual Fuel for India 2021 event. WhatsApp also announced a new pilot program at the event, meant to familiarise rural WhatsApp users with the company’s payments platform. The company said that the program, called Digital Payments Mahotsav, is part of its plans to bring 500 million villagers to the digital payments ecosystem.