Xbox Game Pass Offered More than $6,300 Worth of Games in 2021

The numbers just prove how great the Game Pass has been.

Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass has clearly been the cornerstone of Microsoft’s success in this particular console generation. Mainly because their approach has branched out from focusing on more than just the console, and bringing in new fans from the PC side of things, and even Mobile. The Game Pass has offered immense value to the players this past year with a collection of great games on both PC and Console, $6,300 worth of games, to be precise.

According to a new report by The Loadout, it was calculated that the Xbox Game Pass, in 2021, was able to provide a total value of $6,317.35, which directly converts to Rs 4,77,612 in INR. For a service that costs Rs 489 per month on PC and Console and Rs 699 for Ultimate – that is a pretty staggering value proposition.

Xbox Game Pass reportedly provided subscribers with $6,300 USD worth of games

Xbox Game Pass PC

The Loadout was also able to calculate the value of games each month this past year as well as the total value of Game Pass additions by Bethesda since the acquisition. The value of the games is based on the base price of each game on the Microsoft Store.

Bethesda’s acquisition led to a couple of dozen games from Bethesda and their studios arriving to the Game Pass in March. The total value of March’s Game Pass additions is $964.17, which converts directly to Rs 72,913. While the base regional price of games differs slightly in India, as it is not a direct conversion of the standard $60 USD price tag, that number isn’t that far off.

The numbers clearly indicate just how much of a disruptor the Xbox Game Pass has been this past year and how it’s only about to get bigger and better in the years to come. This kind of value proposition has reportedly also compelled Sony to come up with a similar service which is set to launch sometime in Spring of 2022.

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