Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition Console Delayed by a Month in India, Initially Scheduled for November 15th Restock

The Halo Infinite Limited Edition and the standard variant are both delayed by a month.


After complete radio silence for several months, news finally broke of an Xbox Series X restock in India, but it looks like fans will have to wait a while longer to get their hands on a limited edition console. Industry insider Rishi Alwani broke the news on Twitter of the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Limited Edition console being available during the restock at a price of Rs 54,990, but that looks like its been delayed by a month.

The limited edition console was scheduled to be available on 15th November restock along with the standard console variants, and we’re hearing from sources that because the stock is brought in via sea, the delay is most likely a result of the recent flooding in Chennai.

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Xbox Series X/S Limited Edition console delayed by a month

Along with the Halo Infinite Limited Edition console, the Xbox Elite Wirless Controller Series 2 – Halo Infinite Limited Edition should be available in the restock for Rs 15,990. Other offerings include Forza Horizon 5 controller for Rs 7,290. Along with the limited edition console, the standard Series X/S have also been delayed by a month, which means players will most likely be able to bag a next-gen Xbox closer to Christmas than previously expected.

April, 2021 was a categorically good month for Xbox as it was reported by IGN that the Series S was actually India’s best-selling console. Despite the current situation, Xbox has had a pretty successful run this console generation – with Forza Horizon 5 being a clear, stand-out success as the biggest launch in Series X history, with more than 4.5 million active players on PC, Cloud, and Console at launch.

Xbox Series X/S

On the Sony side of things, it looks like the PS5 restock is still scheduled towards the end of the month, and hopefully, it stays that way.