Apple To Update Unopened iPhones In Stores With New Device: Report

The Apple device would work by wirelessly turning on the iPhones, updating their software, and then powering them back down.

  • Apple working on a device to update unopened iPhone units in Apple stores
  • The “pad-like” device would wirelessly update the iPhones
  • Launch of new iPad Air, iPad Mini and base iPad also imminent

Apple seems to have figured out a way to update its unopened iPhones in stores with the latest software update, according to a new report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The system is said to let store employees update unopened iPhone units in Apple stores to the latest software before shipping them to customers. This will allow users to get their hands on the latest software out-of-the-box when they order a new iPhone, and not wait to update the device manually after opening it.

Apple’s New Device Could Update Unopened iPhones

In the “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, Gurman talked about a proprietary “pad-like” device that will allow Apple retail store employees to update unopened units of iPhone to the latest software. Employees can simply place boxes of iPhone units on this device to update the phones. He further explained that the device would work by wirelessly turning on the iPhones, updating their software, and then powering them back down. Of course, the highlight is that all of this would be down without ever opening the phone’s packaging. According to Gurman, the device will start rolling out to its retail stores before the end of the year.

When available, the device could prove to be quite useful especially because it will ensure shipment of iPhones with the latest software. In the present scenario, it could be that a device is shipped from the factory with outdated software, which could have some bugs, and fixes for which are already available in the latest software update by the time the smartphone is available for purchase. Apple aims to change this with its latest device, which will likely let all iPhone units shipped or sold have the latest software update. It is unclear at this point whether the technology will be available for more Apple devices other than iPhones.

To recall, Apple launched the iPhone 15 series at its fall event last month. Some iPhone 15 models shipped with iOS 17 out-of-the-box and by the time they were available for sale, a new software update, iOS 17.0.1 had already been rolled out. This is what Apple aims to avoid in the future with its new device.

New Apple iPad Launch Also Imminent

Along with this, Gurman also suggested that Apple’s new base model iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini will be released towards the end of the year, refuting reports from other publications such as Supercharged and 9to5Mac that the devices will launch this week at an iPad focused event on October 17.

The new iPad Air is said said to come with an upgraded M2 processor from the M1 chipset, that powers the current-generation iPad Air. Meanwhile, the iPad Mini, powered by the A15 Bionic Soc, could be upgraded to the A16 Bionic chipset. The same chipset could also be seen on the new base iPad model, which currently packs the A14 Bionic processor. In addition, jelly-scrolling issues could also be addressed on the new iPad Mini with a new display controller.

It is noteworthy that Gurman’s predictions are in line with predictions by another popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who says the new iPad models will not launch this week. Of course, Apple is indeed working on the new devices, but it remains to be seen when they will be made official.