Apple Vision Pro 2 Not Arriving Until 2025: Will Gen 2 Fix Ongoing Issues?

  • Apple’s Vision Pro went on sale this February for a start price of $3499.
  • But the Vision Pro is facing typical issues seen on a first-gen device.
  • It also looks like Apple is also working on a more affordable variant of the Vision Pro.

It appears Apple is not in the mood to upgrade the Vision Pro annually– at least not so early in the launch cycle. According to the latest report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Apple Vision Pro 2 headset is at least 18 months from launch.

The report states that the Vision Pro 2 will not arrive until August 2025. But it’s safe to assume that Apple will push this launch to September 2025, and thus create a single mega event, featuring the latest iPhones and the future Vision Pro 2.

It indicates that, unlike iPhones, the Cupertino Giant is indeed approaching a different strategy.

Earlier rumours stated that the next iteration of Vision Pro will arrive in 2027. The 2025 timeline seems good enough for Apple iron out all the issues the current-gen Vision Pro users are facing, according to reports.

Apple Vision Pro: Far From Perfect

Lately, numerous reports have surfaced indicating that a significant number of Vision Pro users are returning their devices due to various issues, including headaches, motion sickness, eye strain, and more. Users have also taken to Reddit, X and other social media platforms to complain about these problems.

The issues with the device have also triggered more returns for the Vision Pro, it would be appear. In the US, Apple customers have a two-week period before which they can return a product and this applies to the Vision Pro as well.

Gurman also notes in his report that Apple is apparently rather curious about the reasons given by customers for returning the Vision Pro. The report adds that retail stores are sending these details to the headquarters so that they can work on the issues and deliver a better product.

Now typically, the second-gen product tends to be better in terms of performance, design, and functionality. This has been seen in many Apple products over the years, and the same trend is expected from the Vision Pro. Still, the current issues have likely left Apple loyalists disappointed.

We have already seen in the AR/VR space where Meta has shown tremendous improvements with its Quest lineup. The Meta Quest 1 launched with the name Oculus Quest was released in May 2019. It was criticised for tracking, battery life, display, etc. But today, the Meta Quest 3 has been considered one of the best AR/VR headsets. In fact, many tech enthusiasts and reviewers recommend it over the Apple Vision Pro as it is more affordable, weighs less, comes with controllers, and has a built-in battery pack.

Interestingly, rumours are also circulating about Apple developing a non-Pro model of the Vision Pro, which could be more affordable. This could also arrive in 2025.