BGMI x Aston Martin Collaboration Goes Live in-Game: New Skins, Outfits and More

Aston Martin Collab is now availble in BGMI.

  • BGMI x Aston Martin Collaboration is now available in the game.
  • BGMI gets three new exciting and exclusive Aston Martin cars as part of the collaboration
  • Three vehicles offer two exclusive skins along with special voices, elimination broadcasts, and more.

Earlier this month, South Korean gaming developer Krafton announced a collaboration with British luxury car manufacturer, Aston Martin for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). BGMI has an exciting list of collaborations under its name especially with luxury and sports car manufacturers like Lamborghini, Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Tesla. T

This time, Krafton came up with another exciting car collaboration to bring exclusive first-class high-quality vehicles to the virtual battlegrounds. The iconic British automobile manufacturer Aston Martin has arrived in BGMI with its three stunning vehicles DBX707, DBS Volante and Valkyrie. Players can now get their hands on these visually appealing luxury supercars in the game. 

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BGMI Aston Martin Collaboration Is Now Live

bgmi speed drift aston martin
Image via In-game

As part of the collaboration, BGMI gamers can now drive three classic Aston Martin vehicles within the game. Each vehicle has its own individual colour appearance that was created just for the virtual world of Battlegrounds Mobile India. These vehicles are expected to provide a new level of excitement to the immersive realm of BGMI.

Last month, PUBG Mobile collaborated with Aston Martin and brought in three car skins to the game. The same skins have now arrived in BGMI.

These cosmetics are available in the new Aston Martin Speed Drift event, starting today and will run till October 10, 2023.

Each vehicle skin is available in two colours of unique variants. They are assigned to various automobiles in the game and may be redeemed by spending UC on Lucky badges. The three vehicles include DBX707, Valkyrie, and DBS Volante with the first two applicable to Coupe RB and the last one applicable to UAZ. 

Here is a list of the available car skins and their costs in Lucky badges.

  • DBS Volante Black-Bronze Satin -1 Lucky badge
  • DBS Volante Sebastian Pink -3 Lucky badges
  • Valkyrie Racing Green – 1 Lucky badge
  • Valkyrie Luminous Diamond – 3 Lucky badges
  • DBX 707 Quasar Blue -1 Lucky badge
  • DBX 707 Neon Purple – 3 Lucky badges
bgmi aston martin
Image via In-game

These skins are not available for free and players need to lose the weight of their wallets to get these vehicles to their inventory. To obtain the Lucky badge, click the Accelerate button and spend UC at the following rates: 60, 180, 500, 1000, 2500, 5800, and 7200.

Players need to note that accelerating once does not guarantee advancement to the next tier. A successful acceleration is dependent on luck. As a result, getting Aston Martin car skins in BGMI will most likely cost you a lot of money.

Aston Martin owners in the game also get special voices like ‘Welcome to my Aston Martin,’ and ‘Congratulations on becoming a Valued Aston Martin car owner.’ Apart from that, the skins also feature exclusive elimination broadcasts, license plates, and grand container appearance in the spawn island. 

bgmi aston martin collab
Image via in-game

The speed drift event also offers mythic and legendary outfits, gun skins, and more while accelerating through the event’s tiers.

Here is a list of all the event’s rewards:

  • Anubis Haute Couture Set
  • Emberfox Set
  • Neon Vixen Set
  • Cosmic Steel – AWM Skin
  • Quickfire – DBS Skin
  • Royal Craft – SCAR-L Skin
  • Anubis Haute Couture Cover
  • Emberfox Cover
  • Neon Vixen Cover
  • Gas Canister Smoke Grenade
  • Aston Martin Theme Parachute
  • Signal Scanner Ornament 

Players can get a lucky badge with 1500x Lucky Vouchers which are available in the Speed Drift mini-event.

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