BGMI Server Authentication Error and Login Issue Comes After Succesful Completion of 3-Month Trial Period

The issue is now resolved!

  • Players have been facing BGMI Login issues since this morning a day after the completion of 3 month trial period.
  • Krafton was quick to respond and resolve the login issues being faced by the players.
  • BGMI successfully completes its three-month trial phase, marking a key milestone in the BGMI community.

India’s favorite battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has successfully completed its three-month trial period set by the government to scrutinize it. The Indian Government banned BGMI in July 2022 due to security and data concerns. After a 10-month-long ban period, the game made a comeback in May 2023 with few imposed restrictions and a 3-month trial period.

Notably, the trial period passed without any inconveniences and several tournaments around the game have taken place including the official BGIS Season 2. Unfortunately, players have been facing login issues since this morning, just a day after the trial period passed. Due to this issue, players are currently unable to login to the game. Many think that this is connected to the three-month trial period given by the government and now that it is over, the game is facing issues.

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BGMI Server Authentication Error Login Issue Arises after 3-month Trial Period

bgmi login issue
Image via in-game

On August 24, Krafton issued an in-game server maintenance notice stating that players might experience issues during the maintenance period. The maintenance notice reads: ‘We ask for your kind understanding as you may experience some delays accessing the game, or other in-game issues during the maintenance hours.’ 

The maintenance schedule mentioned in the notice is as follows:

  • August 24 13:30 – August 25 4:30 IST
  • August 30 2:30 – August 30 3:30 IST

The BGMI servers are down due to the maintenance schedule as mentioned above. Even after the maintenance period was over, players began to face login issues from 11:45 AM IST with an error message showing “Server authentication error. Login failed”.

Krafton did respond instantly and uploaded a notice on its official website citing that they have identified the issue and are currently investigating it. After a couple of hours, the developers mentioned that the issue was fixed but players still somehow facing the same login issues. Players are recommended to wait for an hour or two otherwise try the below-mentioned procedures to resolve the login issues.

How to Fix BGMI Server Authentication Failed or Login Issue?

bgmi authentication failed issue
Image via in-game

We have put a handful of remedies that might work out which tackle the login problems. Many players have been able to access the game after Krafton fixed the acclaimed issue. If you are not able to access the game, try the following method.

Check Your Internet Connection

If you are connected to WIFI, do switch off the router and unplug the adapter. Wait for 10 seconds and plug it back in, turn on the WIFI and try opening the game now. If you are on the mobile network, turn the aeroplane mode on and off, then try to access the game now.

Restart the Game or Your Mobile

Restarting the game will solve a number of issues along with the login issues. Many in-game technical glitches or issues may not be solved by restarting the game. A simple restart of your mobile might come in handy in such times.

Repair the Game

Players can find the in-game repair option in BGMI which repairs the game.

Clear Cache

Players can attempt logging in again by deleting the game cache.

If none of the above alternatives work, contact the game’s official customer service. As the game is now accessible after the three-month trial period, the game will be available in the coming days without any issues from the government. Krafton preponed BGIS Online Qualifiers Round 1 matches to two days before itself. Due to this login issue, Krafton rescheduled BGIS Online Qualifiers Round 1 matches which are set to happen today.

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