Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 – New Weapons, Game Modes, Events and More

Here is what's new in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1


Call of Duty: Mobile has become the next big sensation in the mobile gaming industry in a short span of time. Activision has done a pretty fine job in keeping the player base engaged as well, with regular content updates. Recently, Activision released the Season 1 Update which introduced a plethora of content in the game. One of the major highlights of the season was that the season count was reset back to one. It was stated that the count was reset to make it easier for players to understand.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 Update added tons of new content in the game. These ranged from new maps and game modes to some exciting new weapons and skins. Here is all you need to know about the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 Update.

New Game Modes


The Blitz game mode is the newest addition to Call of Duty: Mobile. In this game mode, players will experience a fast-paced and action-packed battle royale match. The match will roughly last for 10 minutes and feature 40 players. The zone will be smaller as well, which will make the matches significantly more exciting. Apart from that, the match can only be played in squads of fours.

3v3 Gunfight

Like the previous seasons, Season 1 also contains a number of limited-time game modes. 3v3 Gunfight is the latest addition to the Arcade mode with a number of playable maps including Gulag, Shipment, and many more.

Attack of the Undead 20

The popular Attack of the Undead game mode is returning as Attack of the Undead 20. In this mode, there will be 20 players and the game begins with two undead and the rest are survivors. After getting killed, the undead respawn while the survivors spawn as undead. The survivors have to survive throughout the game while the undead need to kill all the survivors to win the game.

New Weapons

FR. 556 Assault Rifle

Two new weapons were added in Call of Duty: Mobile as part o the Season 1 Update. The first weapon that was added is the FR. 556 Assault Rifle. Fans of the Call of Duty franchise might be quite familiar with the game since this weapon has appeared in numerous other titles. It is based on the classic FAMAS assault rifle.

The FR.556 Assault Rifle can be unlocked after reaching Tier 21 in the Battle Pass. The gun is specifically designed for mid-range and long-range combat encounters, with the burst-fire mode proving to be quite useful in the aforesaid situations. It also has a number of attachments that players can tweak to suit their playstyle.

SKS Marksman’s Rifle

Another popular weapon, the SKS rifle is making its debut in Call of Duty: Mobile. The SKS Marksman’s Rifle is the second Marksman Rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile. Kilo Bolt Action Rifle is the only other Marksman Rifle that is available in the game. This Rifle is also perfect for long-range fights and it will be available via a Seasonal Challenge.

New Item – Gas Grenade

One of the most interesting additions in the game is the Gas Grenade. This tactical equipment is available as a part of a new seasonal challenge in-game, known as Deadly Mist. To be able to unlock the Gas Grenade, players need to complete the following steps.

  • Throw tactical equipment eight times in MP matches – Rewards with 200 credits.
  • Throw Cryo Bombs five times in MP matches- Rewards with Wrap Skin for Smoke Grenade.
  • Kill 30 enemies in MP matches with the Tactician Perk equipped- Rewards with 10 Weapon XP cards
  • Break any enemy Scorestreak three times using an EMP grenade- Rewards with Gas Grenade
  • Use the Gas Grenade 10 times in MP matches- Rewards with Dystopia on TV calling card.

New Event – Fight For Humanity

The last season in Call of Duty: Mobile featured the popular On The Brink featured event. We have another new event this time around, known as Fight For Humanity. During this event, players will first need to choose one faction between the Atlas Corporation and the Cordis Die. There are a total of 15 territories that needs to be captured by factions. Each day a new territory will unlock and all players of the faction need to complete missions to earn points. At the end of the day, the faction with a higher number of points will get the territory. After the end of the event, the faction with the most territories wins the event.

New Class – Desperado

Desperado is the latest class in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1. This class will add one of the biggest nightmares for many players, shield turrets in the battle royale mode. The shield turret can be deployed anywhere on the map and will have 130 HP. The developers state that the class will allow players to be “an offensive defender”.