New State Mobile January Update Unveils TROI Twilight Weather, Dragunov DMR Weapon, and Exciting Gameplay Changes!

Survivor Pass Vol. 27 in PUBG NEW STATE features protagonist Jack Overkill, with opportunities to earn a free character.

  • Krafton released New State Mobile January Month update patch notes preview highlighting new features coming to the game.
  • The new update brings in a weather shift in the TROI map, a new DMR weapon, and many more.
  • The update will roll out for both Android and iOS users on January 25, 2024.

New State Mobile is one of the popular battle royale games that combines fast-paced action, strategic gameplay, and a visually appealing futuristic environment. A new update is paving its way into the game in this new year with fresh modes, weapons, survival pass, and many more.

Players need to prepare for a weather shift as the new “TROI Twilight,” a new reddish environment heightens the excitement of clandestine conflict. A new DMR weapon is also being added to the arms inventory which gives more head damage than the existing ones. Here is a breakdown of new features, modes, and changes coming to the New State Mobile January update.

New State Mobile January Update (v0.9.59)

New Weather variation: TROI Twilight

new state mobile january 2024 update
Image via Official YT Channel, New State Mobile
  • This weather condition is exclusive to the Troi map only.
  • Players will get to experience this new weather shift after the update and the rate of its appearance will be adjusted later based on the insightful gameplay data.
  • Triumphing under the captivating red sky comes with its perks. Secure a victory and enjoy a substantial 50% tier point bonus, providing a significant boost to your overall rank. Conversely, falling short in this new challenge entails a 20% higher loss in tier points compared to the norm.

New DMR Weapon: Dragunov

new state mobile update
Image via Official YT Channel, New State Mobile
  • Dragunov outperforms other DMR weapons with increased headshot damage. Precision is key. A perfect weapon to master headshots.
  • Customization options abound for the Dragunov, including slots for scopes, magazines, muzzles, and cheek pads
  • Available across all maps and uses 7.62mm ammo.
  • When customized with the dedicated tactical stock, ADS speed is increased and recoil is reduced. However, the stock slot becomes unavailable

Gunplay Balancing

  • Increased the spread of bullets for AR, SMG, and LMG weapons when hip-fired (shooting without ADS).
  • The spread for AR weapons has been augmented by 6% in hip-fire mode, while SMG and LMG weapons now exhibit a 10% increased spread when hip-fired.

TROI Balancing

  • The Blue Zone now operates at a pace that is 10% swifter than its previous speed.
  • Both the waiting time and the contraction speed of the Blue Zone have been accelerated.
  • Also, 20% more items will spawn

Players can check for the official written patch notes for additional information.

When Will the New State Mobile January Month Update Release?

Krafton, the developers behind New State Mobile has announced the maintenance schedule for the upcoming update. During this maintenance schedule, the game’s servers will go offline and no one can play during this time. The update will go live on January 25, 2024 and here are the maintenance period hours.

  • Start time: 0:00 UTC (5:30 AM IST)
  • End time: 7:00 UTC (12:30 PM IST)

Players can download the update during the maintenance period also, however they can only play the game once the maintenance is over.

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