BGMI 3.0 Update Details Revealed: New Modes, Features, Events And More Coming Soon

BGMI 3.0 Update is expected to roll out by the end of this week.

  • Krafton has released the BGMI 3.0 Update podcast which gives a teaser on what to expect in the next update.
  • The new update will replace the current Frozen Kingdom-themed mode and introduces Shadow Force theme mode.
  • BGMI 3.0 Update will roll out mostly by the end of this week.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is getting its 3.0 update soon and this was confirmed via a podcast on its official YouTube channel. The podcast featured the old roster of Team Soul including Mortal, Viper, Ronak and Owais alongside 8Bit Thug as the host. They discussed upcoming changes and new modes arriving in the new BGMI update soon.

The upcoming update is anticipated to bring a host of thrilling features, altering the game dynamics and enhancing the Battle Royale gaming experience for players. It will also bring new X-Suits which change colour upon being hit by a bullet among other outfits and weapon skins.

The update also brings in a new voice pack of Hardik Pandya and bunch of emotes. Here are the highlights of BGMI 3.0 Update which were revealed in the podcast.

BGMI 3.0 Update Podcast Unveils New Modes and Features

  • Shadow Blade: This new themed mode will introduce the Shadow Blade, a cutting-edge melee weapon designed for both offensive and defensive maneuvers. This innovative weapon allows players to engage enemies with swift attacks and execute short-range dashes. Moreover, the Shadow Blade automatically provides a brief period of shot-blocking functionality when enemies target the player.
  • Skythether Hook: This can be used to move across buildings and structures.
  • Respawn Battle: Now Players can recall their teammates twice in a match. One is through the recall tower and another is through recall battle. In this respawn battle, eliminated players will be transported to a different area, where they would have to engage in a battle to get respawned again. No need to rely on teammates.
  • Proxy Scout: Upon deployment, it generates a decoy mimicking your character, serving as an effective reconnaissance tool to scout for adversaries. While the decoy itself is incapable of dealing damage, its movements are depicted on the mini-map, introducing an element of confusion for enemies. Additionally, the Skytether device enables users to grasp onto surfaces and glide over shorter distances.
  • One Shot Double Elimination: Bolt-action rifles have been enhanced to penetrate through both enemies, enabling players to achieve double eliminations with a single, precisely placed shot. Additionally, drivers now have the capability to administer healing while actively operating their vehicles.
  • Remodelling of Existing Structures: The buildings across Military, Pochinki and Georgopol in Erangel have been reshaped. Players can now enter the new structures and study them to formulate new strategies for their battles.

The update will also mark the debut of a new season, Cycle 6 Season 16, along with the progression of the A4 Royale Pass. A new event based on Valentine’s day will be introduced in the game later in February.

BGMI 3.0 Update Release Date

The developers have not revealed the launch date of BGMI 3.0 update. BGMI 3.0 update is expected to be released between January 23 and January 27, 2024. The update will be released first for Android users and later in the day for iOS users. Stay tuned for more details.

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