How to Book Confirm Train Tickets Via Paytm Guaranteed Seat Assistance Feature

Paytm's latest feature allows you to acquire a confirmed train ticket.

  • Paytm introduced the ‘Guaranteed Seat Assistance’ feature for train ticket booking in India to address the challenge of obtaining confirmed tickets, especially on popular routes.
  • This feature recommends alternative train booking options from nearby boarding stations to optimise the chances of securing a confirmed train ticket.
  • However, this option is only available for train tickets that are on waiting lists.

Reserving a train ticket in India can be a complex task, mainly because of the immense demand. Getting a confirmed train ticket, especially on well-travelled routes or popular trains, can be quite a challenge. Paytm has introduced a new feature that allows you to secure a confirmed train ticket, known as the ‘Guaranteed Seat Assistance.’ Here’s everything you need to know about Paytm’s latest feature and how to use it.  

What is Paytm’s Guaranteed Seat Assistance?

To enhance user convenience, this feature recommends alternative train booking options from various nearby boarding stations. This approach is designed to optimise the probability of obtaining a confirmed train ticket.  

How to use Paytm’s Guaranteed Seat Assistance?

  1. Open the train ticket booking section in Paytm. paytm train booking
  2. Scroll down and select “Guaranteed Seat Assistance.” paytm train booking
  3. Tap “Book Now.” paytm train booking
  4. Choose your travel stations and dates, then click “Search Trains.” paytm train booking
  5. It will also show nearby alternative stations along with the usual train and route. paytm train booking
  6. Buy your tickets from your preferred boarding station.

Note: Do keep in mind that this option is only available for train tickets which are in waiting.

The Guaranteed Seat Assistance feature will provide security to travellers, particularly during high-demand holiday seasons such as Diwali, by removing concerns about ticket availability or extensive waiting lists.  

Paytm asserts its position as one of the most favoured online platforms for train travel bookings in India. Along with ticket booking, the company also allows tracking the real-time status of trains and checking their PNR status. 

Moreover, Paytm is also hosting its Carnival Sale, which began on October 27 and will conclude on November 5. During this sale, the company is offering a 15% instant discount on domestic flights and a 10% instant discount on international flights. Paytm has partnered with prominent airlines such as IndiGo, Vistara, Air India, and others.