Krafton Teases a New Map of New State Mobile: Here is All You Need to Know

The new map name is set to be revealed on 18 Feb.

  1. New State Mobile is receiving a new desert map.
  2. The new map will include desert plains, unusual terrain, and rural places, providing fans with a unique experience.
  3. Krafton is yet to announce the release date and name of the new map with the latter being set to be revealed on 18 February.

Krafton never delayed its regular updates to New State Mobile since its inception in the mobile gaming sphere, and this time they are coming up with a new desert Map. The company initially published a hint on 27 January that a new map is coming to the game. Yesterday, Krafton has teased the name of its future desert map in New State Mobile, which will be revealed on February 18. The latest inclusion appears to be comparable to Miramar from PUBG Mobile and will be the game’s third battle-royale map.

New State Mobile is gradually picking its pace in terms of popularity after the ban of Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI) in India. With the recent SPS New State Mobile India Open LAN conclusion, several professional BGMI esports teams are being transitioned into the New State Mobile esports circuit. The buzz is that more tournaments including LAN events will be held soon and the majority of the BGMI players will be shifting to New State Mobile.

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Krafton Released a Teaser of New State Mobile’s New Map

new state mobile new map
Image via New State Mobile Official YouTube

The publisher released a 17-second video teaser revealing different regions of the upcoming map. The announcement reads: “The new map is just around the corner! Cast your votes to guess the new map name!”

The name of the upcoming map has been left out for the fans in a community poll where players have to guess the unannounced name. Krafton announced that they would give away in-game items if 30 percent of the voters get the right name in the poll.

Here is how to participate in the Voting poll:

  • Click here to access the Google form where the voting will take place.
  • Scroll down to the end and select your choice among the three listed options: 1. Caska, 2. Calido and 3. Lagna
  • Tap or click on ‘Submit’ to lock your response.

The game teased three names: Casca, Calido, and Lagna, with one of them serving as the official name for the desert battleground. This announcement has piqued the interest of fans, who are eager to play the map as soon as it becomes available.

The latest map will be 4×4 KM in dimensions and this is going to be the smallest map of New State Mobile. Currently, the game has a couple of classic maps named Troi – a futuristic map and Erangel 2051 – a post-apocalyptic version of Erangel. Both of these BR maps are 8×8 km in dimensions. With the latest addition being half the size of the existing maps, it will be a new experience for players to partake in much more fast-paced gameplay.

The addition of the desert map expands the diversity of PUBG New State esports, enabling athletes to play against the best.

Although the title’s esports scene hasn’t yet officially begun, several regional third-party events are currently taking place around the world. Tournaments in India have proliferated since Krafton’s battle royale title, BGMI, was blocked.

When will the New Map be Released?

The new map is expected to be released in the February update which is supposed to release in the fourth week of this month.

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