iPhone 16 Prototype Offers an Early Glimpse at Possible Design Changes

The iPhone 16 could bring the highest number of changes seen in vanilla iPhone models in a long time.

  • Apple is considering two different iPhone 16 camera module designs.
  • iPhone 16 could have a capacitive Action Button and relocated mmWave antenna.
  • iPhone 16 could also sport a new Capture button based on how the development process goes.

Apple is widely rumoured to be planning big design changes for the next-gen iPhone 16 series. It seems like we will finally see vanilla iPhone models get a lot of design changes as compared to previous releases. These include a new camera module design, an Action Button, a new Capture button, and a relocated mmWave antenna. It is time for a new leak that shows iPhone 16 renders based on early prototypes Apple is said to be experimenting with.

iPhone 16 to Get New Camera Module Design

The new MacRumors report claims Apple is considering multiple design configurations for the iPhone 16. This is not surprising as companies are known to work with multiple prototypes during the development stage before finalizing a design. The report mentions three design variants which are shown in the renders based on leaked prototypes including colour options.

The first possible iPhone 16 design is shown in Yellow colour and has a camera module design inspired by the iPhone X. It has dual camera sensors housed inside a pill-shaped enclosure. This variant also has an Action button and unified volume buttons. The other two designs are shown in Pink and Midnight colours respectively but both have an iPhone 12-like camera design.

The Pink variant has an Action button and separated mechanical volume buttons. On another hand, the Midnight variant is shown with a larger Action button and the rumoured new Capture button. The only things common among all three designs are vertical camera alignment and LED flash placement.

The report adds even though Apple is considering both camera designs, it has done more extensive testing with the iPhone 12-like camera design. Another thing to note is that the unified volume button design was seen in early prototypes but has been scrapped since. This is due to unresolved technical issues and the company is now focusing on mechanical volume buttons.

The Midnight aka Black colour prototype is expected to get the final nod for the iPhone 16 design. It means we could be seeing an iPhone 12-like camera module design, a bigger capacitive Action button, and the new Capture button on the next-generation release. However since Apple is yet to finalize the design, nothing is set in stone.

A recent report revealed iPhone 16 could arrive with major microphone upgrades. It will help the new iPhone take full advantage of the improved Siri experience tipped to be powered by generative AI. The new microphone is further said to offer better water resistance. We still have a long way to go before we get anywhere close to the iPhone 16 launch. This is the reason we will surely see tons of leaks and rumours in the meantime.