LG Introduces Self Laundry Services for Students in India: Check Out the Details

LG's new self-laundry centre helps students to reduce their workload with their daily chores

  • LG has launched a new self-laundry centre for students in Greater Noida.
  • It will help students access modern washing machines from LG at affordable rates.
  • LG says that the company will be opening 200 self-laundry centres in India by the end of 2024.

LG Electronics has launched a new self-laundry business in India. The company has partnered with the Galgotias University in Greater Noida to ease students with their laundry. LG has set up a washing centre inside the university with its commercial washing machines. Students will be able to book a time slot for their laundry using the Laundry Crew app, which will also support automated payments.

LG says that the main objective of its new self-laundry business is to help students reduce the time and effort spent on cleaning their clothes. The current setup at Galgotias University will cater to 1,500 students.

The company is keen on expanding this business to several other cities in India. LG also wants to increase its footprint in the education sector, by helping students utilize their consumer electronics products. LG will also be investing over $4 million in this segment to open 200 more self-laundry centres by the end of 2024.

The concept of self-laundry centres is popular in western countries, especially in rental buildings and hostels. It helps to save space and resources in individual apartments and also eliminates the hassle of power consumption and maintenance of washing machines. Users can use the machine by paying a small fee, which is economical as well.

However, this is not very popular in India due to various factors. Many people hire domestic help for their laundry chores or simply purchase their own washing machine. Both these options are not feasible for students due to high costs. LG’s introduction of self-laundry centres will help students use their modern washing machines at affordable rates.

As of now, the company has not shared a list of its upcoming washing centres. LG says that it wants to follow a user-friendly approach for its consumer business in India.