Zoom Meet Recording: How to Record a Zoom Meeting on PC and Mobile

You can enable or disable the recording feature on Zoom. Here's how you can make use of the Zoom Recording feature.


With online meetings taking the stage for most of the day to day work tasks like presentation, discussion, conferences, schools, colleges, etc, software services such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams are in demand like never before. Even since the pandemic broke out in 2020, Zoom has emerged as one of the most used video conferencing apps globally as well as in India. 

While it allows you to host a meeting or join a meeting in just a few clicks, the software also allows you to schedule meetings. Thanks to the cross-platform availability of the Zoom application, users can install the app on PC, Android, and iOS devices. 

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In this guide, we will be taking you through a detailed step by step guide to record a zoom meeting on your PC or mobile and how to enable or disable the recording feature. And, also we will walk you through how to assign recording privileges to a participant. The recordings will come in handy in case you want to have a look at the meeting later on to get more details or it can come in handy if you are a student.

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How to Record Zoom Meetings on PC

  1. Once you are in a meeting, find the menu bar on the bottom of the screen.
  2. In the menu bar, click on the “Record” button next to the Share screen button.
  3. Once you click the record button, Zoom will start recording the meeting and let everyone know that the meeting is being recorded.
  4. While recording, you can pause in between using the “Pause” button on the left and resume the recording by clicking on the same area. 
  5. To stop the recording, you can hit the “Stop Recording” button (Square button on the right). 
  6. Once you stop the recording and the meeting ends, the recording will be converted to MP4 format.
  7. Once you end the meeting, you will be automatically taken to the destination where the recording is stored. 

Usually, the recordings will be saved inside the Documents section on the desktop with a folder named “Zoom” and separate folders for each meeting recording with meeting ID.

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How to Record Zoom Meetings on Mobile

The recording options on Android and iOS devices are available for licensed users only. In other words, you can only record a meeting on your mobile phone if you have a paid Zoom plan. If you are a Zoom Pro, Zoom Business, Zoom Enterprise member and you are hosting or co-hosting a meeting, here is how you can record Zoom meetings on mobile. 

  1. On Android, while hosting a Zoom meeting, tap on more.
  2. Click on “Record”
  3. The app will now show recording at the top of your screen.
  4. You can stop or pause the recording whenever you want. 
  5. After you have ended the meeting, the recording will process and appear under Recordings on the Zoom web portal.

The process on iOS is also similar, but in step 2, you need to select “ Record to the Cloud.” and the app will now show Recording at the top of your screen. The rest of the steps are similar to Android. 

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How to Enable or Disable Recording Zoom Meeting

As a user, you can also enable or disable recording Zoom meetings for your own use. Here is how you can do so in a few steps.

  1. Sign in to Zoom Web portal. 
  2. Open “Settings” on the sidebar.
  3. Click on the “Recording” tab on the main screen. 
  4. Click the Local recording toggle to enable or disable the feature.
  5. If the setting is disabled, click the toggle to enable it. (If a verification dialogue displays, click Turn On to verify the change.)

In case the option is grayed out for you, it means the recording feature has been locked at either the group or account level, and you will need to contact your Zoom admin to change the settings here. Also, you can enable “Hosts can give meeting participants permission to record locally”  to allow the host to give permission to record locally as well. 

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How to Give Permission to Participants to Record Zoom Meeting

In case you are having a big team meeting and need to assign recording privileges to a participant, you can do so by following these simple steps. 

  1. Once you are in a Zoom Meeting, click on “Participants”
  2. Click on “Allow Record” and the participant will get a notification saying “Host allows you to record this meeting”
  3. Once that’s sent, the participant will get the recording icon next to his/her name and they will be able to record the meeting.
  4. In case you want to disable the recording permission from a particular user, you can right-click and then click Forbid record.
  5. The participant will be sent a message saying “Host disallowed you to record this meeting” 

These were the simplest ways to record Zoom meetings and also give permission to participants. By following the aforementioned steps, you will be able to successfully record or manage permissions to record a zoom meeting on your own.