Sony PS5 Slim Teardown Reveals its Core Parts, 6nm Processor, and More Details

Sony used the same 6nm processor in PS5 slim which is used in the current version of the console.

  • Sony’s new PS5 model (PS5 slim) internal architecture was revealed by YouTubers.
  • The new console comes with the same 6nm processor which is used in the current PS5 models.
  • As per reports, the console is likely to launch on November 10 in the United States.

Earlier last month, Sony introduced a new PlayStation 5 model, mostly referred to as PS5 Slim, with enhanced design and storage. PlayStation 5 new model in 2023 offers a similar but slimmer model and shorter version of original Sony’s console1. The new PS5 model was set to roll out in the United States this month, and YouTubers have dismantled the console to see its internals.

The teardown of the latest PS5 model will give us a detailed look at its internal and allow us to compare with the non-lighter versions of the console. As per the reports, the new PS5 slim model does not actually look that much smaller overall. It might be Sony’s most subtle yet odd overhaul to date.

Several YouTubers including Linus Tech Tips, Dev2D, DevLee and more have shared a teardown of the new model and here will discuss what it is made of.

Sony PS5 Slim Model Teardown Gives a Detail Look of What’s Inside

ps5 slim

The main highlight of the PS5 slim is the fact that it comes with a lighter and smaller gaming console and comes with a detachable Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc drive. Many have expected that the new model will come with a new processor. However, as seen in the teardown video, it is the same 6nm processor after all and they feel that this model does not appear to be any smaller in contrast to earlier predictions.

Sony shipped original PS5 models with a 6nm processor during September last year. The original PS5 which launched in 2020, had a processor based on 7nm architecture. A system power consumption test, which was run by LTT, found that the present and new models consume identical amounts of power within a margin of error. 

The new PS5 model is a complete redesign by Sony and the Detachable disc drive has helped them to achieve a slimmer version of the console. Dave2D’s video further shows that the disc drive can be readily removed without the need of any tools. Moreover, the teardown video shows that the console also has an additional heat pipe connecting to a smaller base plate than the original PS5. Furthermore, the fan is said to have a 19-blade design. On the back, there are one 5GB port, three 10GB ports, and a couple of USB-C ports. 

Sony’s preferred thermal interface material (TIM) is still liquid metal, which outperforms thermal paste. Additionally, the console comes with 1TB of internal storage, compared to the 825GB of the current PS5.

Speaking of the outlook of the console, Less appealing are the new see-through plastic pegs that support the console when set horizontally.  The bottom is a matte white, which differs from the present PS5 plates, while the top has a glossy finish.

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