OnePlus, OPPO Smartphones To Get Gemini AI Features Later This Year

  • Gemini is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) model by Google.
  • OnePlus and OPPO recently brought AI Eraser to their smartphones.

OnePlus and OPPO have partnered with Google to integrate Gemini into their devices. Both brands have assured that Gemini’s Generative AI features should start rolling out to their devices by the end of this year. OnePlus and OPPO recently introduced the AI Eraser, and with this announcement, they are going big with their AI aspirations for smartphones.

Gemini AI Coming to OnePlus, OPPO Smartphones This Year

This announcement was made at the Google Cloud Next’24 event. Speaking at the event, Nicole Zhang, AI Product General Manager at OPPO and OnePlus, revealed that these brands have already rolled out multiple Generative AI models in China to users of devices like OPPO Find X7 and OnePlus 12. The collaboration with Google for Gemini AI integration will lead to the rollout of generative AI features globally.

OnePlus and OPPO are bringing Gemini Ultra to smartphones later this year.
OnePlus and OPPO are bringing Gemini AI to smartphones later this year.

Eligible OnePlus and OPPO smartphones will benefit from features like news summary, audio summary, AI toolbox, and probably Circle to Search. While the list of eligible devices was not revealed we can expect existing and future flagships from both brands to benefit from Gemini AI.

Both OPPO and OnePlus have committed to developing optimised hardware, OS, and ecosystems to enhance AI experiences. This will help these brands to offer a seamless Gemini AI experience on their devices. Notably, the Gemini LLM comes in three versions – Nano, Pro, and Ultra. Google’s flagships Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro use the Gemini Nano. However, OnePlus and OPPO have not disclosed the exact version of Gemini that they plan to use on their devices.

In other news, Google recently announced that its AI-based photo editing features like Magic Editor, Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light will be free to all Photos users from May 15. Before this, these features were exclusive to Pixel users and Google One subscribers.


During the original announcement, OnePlus and OPPO said they would bring Gemini Ultra, the top-end version of Gemini AI to their flagship smartphones. However, OnePlus has admitted that the company made an error during the announcement.

As per the latest update from OnePlus, the company is still committed to bringing Gemini AI to its smartphones, but it won’t be Gemini Ultra. The exact version has not been disclosed yet.

OPPO has not commented on the situation. Considering that OnePlus and OPPO share a lot of resources, and even Google’s in-house Pixel smartphones use the base version – Gemini Nano, OPPO’s flagships are more likely to feature the basic version of Gemini, instead of Gemini Ultra.