Redditors Report Issue With eMMC Storage On Xiaomi Mi A2, Files Take Longer Time To Delete

The issue is in fact so widespread that it has been accepted on the Google issue tracker as a genuine problem.


Reddit is alive with users reporting buggy performance on the Xiaomi Mi A2 that demonstrates slow speed while transferring files within the file system or when clearing the cache on apps. The issue is, in fact, so widespread that it has been accepted on the Google issue tracker as a genuine problem.

The link to the bug report that has been given ID 118036531 was posted on Reddit in the Android subreddit and the thread has seen a number of users also reporting the same problem. The problem statement as registered on the issue tracker complains that the memory read and write speeds on the Xiaomi Mi A2 are not stable to a point where there is significant lag experienced.

Xiaomi Mi A2 eMMC Bug

An example where this issue is experienced is when you benchmark the device that produces a large file, which causes the device to freeze. Other users are reporting simply clearing the cache of an app that is over 50MB cause the device to become unstable to a point where it is unusable. The bug restricts the issue as only being present on the 4GB of RAM with 64GB of internal storage variant of the Mi A2.

Further comments state that the transfer speed over an MTP connection yields only a 700Kbps transfer rate. Others have done some testing to try and encourage the issue that has seen a user using AndroBench have their device become extremely slow and freezing when transferring a 512MB file but achieving much faster write speeds of 220-230MBps with a 64MB file size.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Slow Transfer Speeds

From the various comments surrounding the problem, the issue appears to be with the eMMC storage the Mi A2 has but one Reddit user is keen to point out that it is not a generalized issue around that type of storage.

The phones i have used have all been emmc and this issue never existed. This is an issue with this specific device. Uninstalling anything more than 300mb takes time and make device unstable. Otherwise the device performs well.

To help Google reproduce the problem, bug reports are being uploaded to Google Drive during a variety of tests.

What is interesting about the user reports is that the general phone performance when performing normal tasks, like playing a game, for example, is unaffected. It only seems the device becomes slow and unstable when the game then tries to save the progress and is writing information to the file system does the device become laggy.

Another user also reports the system behaving oddly in addition to the laggy responsiveness.

same issue here. while clearing app cache phone goes blank (System UI stops responding) and even sometimes turns on the wifi and location service.

Unfortunately, while Google‘s immediate response to the thread was to enable USB debugging and perform a factory reset, the issue appears to be persistent even after a clean wipe, and of course, it would still persist if the issue is something to do with the eMMC ROM.

If you are experiencing slow speeds when transferring larger files or when dealing with operations that would write large data files to the system, then get in contact with us in the comments section below. If you are experiencing the problem, it would help to add any diagnostics you can to the ongoing issue tracker.