WhatsApp Upcoming Feature May Let Users Mask Themselves During Video Calls

Whatsapp is moving closer to Metaverse!

Whatsapp Avatar Beta

Whatsapp has lately been experimenting with new and exciting features, such as message reactions and the ability to move chats from Android to iOS. Meta, Whatsapp’s parent company, has recently placed a strong emphasis on the Metaverse. Whatsapp is now moving forward by testing Avatars, a new method to represent oneself on the platform. Avatars are already widespread on competing messaging services such as Snapchat, but Whatsapp may take it a step further by allowing users to use their avatar as a mask when making video calls over the network. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming Whatsapp feature, release date and everything we know so far.

WhatsApp Beta for Android What’s New?

WhatsApp is always adding new features, and the current beta features a segment aptly called Avatar, as discovered by WABetaInfo. Whatsapp may be seen testing Avatars in the newest beta version, which appears to be a replica of the avatars accessible on Facebook.

Whatsapp Avatar Beta (1)

While avatars may be a terrific way to reply to text messages in discussions, WhatsApp wants to include avatars so that people can utilise them during video calls. The user may customise their avatar to appear exactly like them. Avatars during video calls can be a great way to hide one’s face and prevent embarrassing conversation.

However, the feature is presently in development, and there is no fixed timeline for when it will be available in stable versions. However, you might participate in the beta programme to get a head start on the product. Avatars may become a key feature of the popular social messaging network, given Meta’s perspective on the Metaverse.

In related news, Whataspp has begun allowing users to respond to messages with any emoji of their choice. This was formerly confined to a group of six emojis, but it is now expanding.

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