MIX Fold 4 Could be the First Xiaomi Foldable to Launch Globally

All of Xiaomi's foldables so far have been launched exclusively in China.

  • The Xiaomi MIX Fold 4 model numbers have been spotted on the GSMA IMEI database.
  • One of the model numbers appears to be meant for the global version.
  • Xiaomi is also working on a flip-style foldable called MIX Flip.

Xiaomi is one of the Android OEMs releasing foldable for the last few years. It launched its first foldable Mi MIX Fold in 2021 and followed it with the MIX Fold 2 next year. Its current-gen foldable MIX Fold 3 went official just a couple of months ago. The only thing is all these foldables were launched exclusively in China. It seems like this particular situation is about to change soon as a fresh report claims next Xiaomi foldable will launch globally.

Xiaomi MIX Fold 4 Global Model Spotted

A new report from GSMChina has revealed the MIX Fold 4 has been spotted on the GSMA IMEI database. The listing shows the next-gen foldable with two different model numbers. The first model number is 2405CPX3DC and the second one is 2405CPX3DG.

As you can notice, the two model numbers are identical except for the letters “C” and “G” at the end. The letter “C” is said to represent the Chinese variant and “G” is said to be meant for the global variant of the foldable. This is something we have seen numerous brands do on numerous occasions in the past. It is a simple and easy way to differentiate between different models meant for different regions.

The report further claims that “2405” in the model number actually represents May 2024. It adds this could mean the MIX Fold 4 could launch in May 2024, much earlier than the current-gen foldable. While this does seem like a possible explanation, we would say take this with a pinch of salt just yet.

Other details about the alleged MIX Fold 4 are currently unknown. We will keep you updated as more details will emerge. There are also rumours that Xiaomi has a flip-style foldable under development as well. It is expected to be called the MIX Flip and was recently spotted in the IMEI database of China as well.

If true, this is surely an exciting announcement for Xiaomi fans. The company has so far released only book-style foldables. It has been noticed that many foldable lovers prefer flip-style foldables as they are not only usually cheaper than their book-style counterparts but are also more convenient to carry around.

This is the reason many foldable-making companies release two foldables each year, one book style and one flip style. Samsung’s latest offerings are the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. Xiaomi’s close rival Oppo also has two models i.e. Find N3 and Find N3 Flip. We will keep you posted as we will hear more about the Xiaomi flip foldable smartphone.