Xiaomi Teases Diwali With Mi 2023 Sale Ahead of the Festival Season

Xiaomi is teasing coupons worth Rs 2 crore, smart exchange offers, smart protection plans, and more for the upcoming sale.

  • Diwali with Mi is Xiaomi’s annual sale ahead of the festival season in India.
  • It brings discounts and special offers on a wide range of Xiaomi products.
  • Mi fans get additional exchange discounts and can play games to win prizes.

The festive season is just around the corner which means it will rain sales and offers for Indian customers. Amazon and Flipkart have already started teasing their annual mega sales Great Indian Festival and Big Billion Days respectively. Now, Xiaomi is joining the party too as it has shared teasers for its upcoming Diwali with Mi 2023 sale.

Xiaomi’s Diwali with Mi 2023 Sale Teaser

Diwali with Mi is Xiaomi’s annual sale that has been taking place for the last few years. The upcoming sale will be its eighth edition where customers will get to avail of various special benefits. The company has not only shared teasers on social media but has also set up a dedicated sales page.

Diwali with Mi 2023 sale has the tagline “Tech Se Smart, Dil Se Smart”. The web page teases customers will have an opportunity to grab coupons worth Rs 2 crore. These coupons will likely allow customers to get additional discounts on top of the already discounted price of various products.

Xiaomi is further teasing smart selections of products including 5G-ready smartphones. There will also be smart exchange offers and smart protection plans. It means if you have been thinking about exchanging your current smartphone and upgrading to a new one, the upcoming Xiaomi Diwali sale could bring some extra discounts and help you save more money.

We know that Xiaomi offers a wide range of products that go beyond smartphones and tablets. These include smart TVs, notebooks, smartwatches, fitness trackers, TWS earbuds, smart home products, accessories, and more. Customers can expect to see offers and deals in all these categories.

Diwali with Mi 2023 sale will also have a Game Lounge. This will allow fans to play different games and win prizes. The company has yet to reveal what kind of games and prizes will be up for grabs. Xiaomi is teasing the sale as “Coming Soon” which means we have no choice but to wait. The good thing is this sale will be live on multiple platforms. These include Xiaomi’s website, Amazon India, Flipkart, and Xiaomi retail stores.

In other news, Dixon has plans to open a new factory in Noida, India that will boost Xiaomi’s smartphone production. The new facility is said to have the capacity to produce one million smartphones annually. It will invest about USD 50 million over a period of the next three years to bring better smartphone manufacturing technologies. The company also has intentions to start manufacturing laptops and computers in India. It is due to the recent import restrictions imposed by the government.