Apex Legends Devs Tease Return of Skull Town to King’s Canyon

Fans are stoked at the prospect of returning to the wasteland of chaos that is Skull Town.

Apex Legends Skull Town
Skull Town might just be making a comeback soon.

Everyone who played Apex Legends during the first couple of Seasons have fond (or terrible) memories of landing in Skull Town and getting either absolutely wrecked – or racking up kills. Since the early days of Apex Legends – players have embraced the chaotic nature of battle royales by designating certain areas on the map as key hot spots.

These areas are hot right out of the gate – with most squads choosing to drop right into the thick of things. On one hand, its an easy way to ensure quick gratification by getting into fights – on other, it massively reduces the chance of winning the game.

Skull Town was a dearly beloved part of King’s Canyon in Apex Legends but was swiftly bombed in order to make for new areas on the map. However, Respawn Entertainment are now teasing the return of the most chaotic part of King’s Canyon.

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Skull Town might just be coming back to King’s Canyon in Apex Legends

One of the best aspects of Apex Legends is the way that Respawn constantly keeps players on their toes by switching up the map. As of now, there are Olympus and World’s Edge in rotation – but it looks like King’s Canyon might be coming back soon.

While it was known it will make a comeback soon, many had abandoned hope of seeing their beloved Skull Town again. Whether this means that other parts of the OG King’s Canyon will return (such as Thunderdome) is entirely up for speculation.

The narrow corridors and alleways of Skull Town make for some of the most chaotic sequences in Apex Legends and fans wouldn’t have it any other way. Those who aren’t familiar with Skull Town are in for an absolute shock to the system when they set foot in what is perhaps the most dangerous part of King’s Canyon.

As of now, Respawn Entertainment have only teased the possibility of Skull Town returning to Apex Legends – but more is likely to surface in the weeks to come.


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