Apple MacBook with M1X Could Match NVIDIA RTX 3070 Mobile in Graphics Performance

The supposed M1X chip could hit the same number of frames per second as a laptop running RTX 3070 GPU.


Apple is gearing up for WWDC 2021. The company will announce the next iteration of its software at the developer event. Apple is also rumoured to launch a new MacBook Pro with a faster chip dubbed as the M1X. Rumours suggest that this upgraded chip will come with 16 and 32 core integrated GPU. YouTuber Dave2D speculates that this new chip could match the performance of the Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU. The YouTuber made the speculation based on the chip’s theoretical performance in GFXBench 5.0 Aztec. The supposed M1X chip could hit the same number of frames per second as a laptop running RTX 3070 GPU.

Image: Dave2D

Dave2D further estimates that the 16-inch Pro model would come with the integrated 32-core GPU. The chip would be considerably bigger in size compared to the M1 with 8 cores and would require more room for thermal management. He further predicts that the new Apple silicon would comparatively be still more power-efficient than any other Windows laptop offering similar performance. A GFXBench 5.0 Aztec chart shared by the YouTuber showed that the RTX 3070 would require 90W power compared to 40W on the Pro MacBooks to deliver 170 frames output.

These are some estimates and speculations based on several reports floating on the web. We advise our readers to wait for the official launch and reviews to get more details. Apple has not yet confirmed the launch of its upcoming MacBook Pro. However, reports online suggest that the MacBook could launch at the WWDC 2021. Some reports claim that these laptops will go on sale early next year. 

Apple is rumoured to launch two separate chips for the new Pro models. These are codenamed Jade C-Chop and Jade C-Die. Both chips will feature eight high-performance cores and two energy-efficient cores. The difference will lie in the GPU. The report claims that either model will come with 16 or 32 GPU cores. The M1 chip, in comparison, came with four performance and four efficiency cores. It also has eight graphics cores. The new chip will also come with support for up to 64GB of RAM as opposed to 16GB on the current M1 chip.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that the new Pro MacBooks will launch in 14-inch and 16-inch sizes. The models will feature a redesigned chassis and magnetic charging. The two variants will also come with multiple ports, including the HDMI port and SD card slot.  

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