Sony PS5 New Patent Hints at Backwards Compatibility for Older Consoles

Perhaps we'll be able to play PS3 games on a new console without PlayStation Now.

PS5 Backwards Compatibility

According to a new patent discovered by Shaun Mcilroy, a new PlayStation patent suggests the PS5 could be getting backwards compatibility for older consoles. The patent was filed by Mark Cerny, the Lead System Architect for both the PS4 and PS5.

The patent apparently details solving backwards compatibility for the new console through ‘Use of Spoof Clock and Fine Grain Frequency Control’. Essentially, the patent suggests that the PlayStation could be looking to expand the new console’s backwards compatibility capabilities to older consoles beyond the PS4.

One of the more major critiques levelled against the PS5 has been the lack of meaningful backwards compatibility for older consoles. Perhaps this is a major step in the right direction for PlayStation as it would make the PlayStation 5 an even better offering than it is now.

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New PS5 Patent Might Finally Solve One of the Biggest Issues With the Console

The PlayStation fanbase was kind of glad when Sony confirmed that the PlayStation 5 would have some level of backwards compatibility. Yet, rather quickly, the community was disappointed that the backwards compatibility didn’t stretch beyond the PS4 generation of games.

On the other hand, Xbox has been pretty generous in that regard as it is possible to play pretty much every single Xbox game ever made on a new Xbox Series X. This new patent simply suggests that PlayStation are, at least, looking into expanding the system’s backwards compatibility system.

As it currently stands, in order to play games from the PS3 generation, players have had to rely on cloud gaming services like PlayStation Now. However, the service isn’t available in all regions of the world, including India, which shuts out a major chunk of the player base from being able to enjoy older games.

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