Ola S1 Gets 10,000 Bookings on Day 1 of Sale: Here is How to Book Yours

Ola S1 replicates the Ola S1 Pro but with fewer features and at a lower cost.


Ola S1, Ola’s new electric scooter in India, seems to be a hit among Indian EV buyers. With its open sale starting on September 1, the electric two-wheeler has already managed to secure 10,000 bookings from people across the country. Such high interest on Day 1 of its sale shows just how much demand there is for the Ola S1 and potent electric scooters in general.

The number was confirmed by the company recently, as Ola Electric shared the total number of bookings the S1 received on sale day 1. Ola opened the purchase window for the S1 on September 1, following a registration period for the EV. The September 1 purchase window was restricted, however, to those who had pre-booked the Ola S1 during the early bird phase. Those with the pre-bookings could make the final payment for the Ola S1 on September 1.

The open sale for all commenced on September 2. Ola says that it will start the doorstep deliveries of these units on September 7. The current sale phase is likely to be shortlived, as Ola registers such high interest and consecutive bookings on its new Ola S1. In case you are interested in buying the Ola S1 too, here is how you can do so.

How to book Ola S1 electric scooter

Ola Electric is selling the Ola S1 through the Ola app and its official website. So, in order to book one, users will have to open either of these and click on the “Order Now” tab on the page showcasing the Ola S1. The new webpage that opens asks for the user’s preference from Ola’s two electric scooters and their available colour choices.

The Ola S1 is priced at Rs 99,999, a price tag that is much more affordable than the Rs 1,39,999 seen on the Ola S1 Pro. With this, the S1 cuts down on the list of features seen on the Pro version. Other than these features and a slight difference in performance figures, the Ola S1 and the Ola S1 Pro look identical. The Ola S1 is available in Porcelain White, Jet Black, Neo Mint, Coral Glam, and Liquid Silver.

Once users select their preferred model and colour, the subsequent pages will ask them for more details like the pin code and mobile number for an OTP. Filling these one by one will take them to the final payments page, from where the Ola S1 can be booked.

Ola Electric is also offering an extended 5-year warranty plan that can be added to the purchase at an extra cost. EMI plans for the Ola S1 start at Rs 2,999 per month.