Tata Nexon EV Max with 437Km Range Launched in India at a Price of Rs 17.74 Lakh: Specifications, Features

The Nexon EV just got bigger and better.


The Nexon EV Max has finally marked its debut as the latest electric car by Tata Motors. Just as had been anticipated, the new electric SUV carries a bunch of extra features over the standard Nexon EV, and correspondingly costs more than its sibling. Some of the highlights among these improvements include an extended range, a faster charging rate and an upgraded connected car technology by Tata Motors.

Of course, most of these upgrades can be judged from the name itself. With the “Max” moniker, the new iteration of the Tata Nexon EV aims to offer more to those seeking a high performance electric vehicle. At the launch event, Tata hinted at what this entitles – an ARAI approved range of 437km, multi-mode regenerative braking and a charging of 0 to 80 per cent in just 56 minutes via a 50kW DC fast charger.

There are many other features on the Nexon EV Max that distinguish it from the regular Nexon EV. Here is a look at these, as well as the various variants in which the new electric SUV will be available in India.

Tata Nexon EV Max – Models and Pricing

Tata Nexon EV Max rear look

The Nexon EV Max has been launched in a total of two variants and four sub-variants. The name of the variants are the same as those of the regular Nexon EV, so there is little to no chance of confusion for the buyers. These are Nexon EV Max XZ+ and Nexon EV Max XZ+ Lux.

As for the sub-variants, the only deciding factor is an upgraded fast charging capacity. So there is a Tata Nexon EV Max XZ+ with 3.3kW charger, and one with a 7.2kW AC fast charger. Similarly, the Nexon EV Max XZ+ Lux will be available with both the options – 3.3kW and 7.2kW AC fast charging.

Prices of these variants have been set accordingly. The ex-showroom price of the Nexon EV Max XZ+ (3.3kW) has been set at Rs 17.74 lakh. The one with the 7.2kW AC fast charger costs Rs 18.24 lakh. Similarly, the base Nexon EV Max XZ+ Lux starts at Rs 18.74 lakh, while the 7.2kW AC option costs Rs 19.24 lakh.

The booking amount for the EV is Rs 21,000.

Tata Nexon EV Max – Specification and Features

Tata Nexon EV Max charging

Now onto the specifics of the new electric car from the house of Tata. As mentioned above, the Nexon EV Max comes with an ARAI-certified range of 437km. In real world, Tata has demonstrated that we can expect the electric car to go well over 300 km on a single charge. Clearly, this will mark a considerable upgrade over the 200+ km range seen on the Nexon EV.

The extended range comes through a 40.5kWh battery pack, larger than the 30kWh one seen on Nexon EV. The larger battery also adds weight to the car, making it about 100kg heavier than the Nexon EV. Tata had to slightly modify the floor of the car to accommodate this battery, including the shockers and dampers, leading to a slightly lower ground clearance. Other than this, there are no physical changes between the Nexon EV and the Nexon EV Max.

The electric powertrain also promises additional power on the new electric SUV. In numbers, the Nexon EV Max features 14hp and 5Nm more than the Nexon EV, bringing its total stats to 143hp and 250Nm. With this, Tata says that the car will be able to go from 0 to 100 kmph in under 9 seconds.

The EV will gain its charging from one of the two charging options, as supported by the model. While the 3.3kW AC charger will take 15 to 16 hours to charge the car completely, the 7.2kW charger will be able to juice the car completely in 5 to 6 hours. A standard 50kW DC fast charger will take less than an hour for 0 to 80 per cent of charging.

Other than this, the car will also gain some of the charging back through regenerative braking. Tata says that the Nexon EV Max comes with multiple-modes for the same, letting users choose how much regen comes into action while driving.

Some other features on the Nexon EV Max, not seen on the Nexon EV, include an air purifier, smartwatch support, wireless charging, ventilated seats and an illuminated gear knob. The car now also features driver assistance like a park mode, electric parking brake, hill hold assist, cruise control and electronic stability program (ESP) that counteracts vehicle skidding. There is also the upgraded ZConnect 2.0 connected car technology that now comes with 48 features.

The Nexon EV Max features the same Teal Blue dual-tone finish as seen on the regular variant. Though it wears a more intense variant of it, thus leading to the name Intensi-Teal for the Nexon EV Max models. Pristine White and Daytona Grey are the two other options. Inside, we see a unique beige theme, different from the standard model.

Tata is offering 8 years or 1,60,000 km of warranty for battery and motor of the Nexon EV Max. Tata is expected to start with the deliveries of the car by later this month.